• Yearly plan courses
  • Academic Staff Schedules
  • Resource planning
  • Weekly Lesson Schedules
  • Classroom Assignments
  • Planning and Control
  • Marketing (prospective students,
    Possible leads, C.R.M)
  • Registration
  • Academic Administration
  • Faculty Administration
  • Personal Information Updating
  • External Studies
  • Classification Studies
  • Student's Bill Collection
  • Document Management
  • Administration of Examinations
  • Supervision of Examinations
  • Creating Questionnaires and
    Integrated Examinations
  • Managing Grades in “Excel”
  • Management Program for
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Feedback Questionnaires
  • Student Support/Special Needs
  • Management of Engineering and Technician Studies
  • Teacher Training
  • Management of Dormitories
  • Response to Students
  • Student Information Center
  • Internal Communications
  • Information office
  • Online Information
  • Course Enrollment Online
  • Management of Teaching
  • Materials for courses
  • Online Examinations
  • Counseling and Acceptance
  • Of Prospective Students
  • Online Academic Enrollment
  • Enrollment by Tender

"Beit Hashitta Software" Company Profile:

"Beit Hashitta Software" offers computer programming solutions for the academic
world: Universities, Colleges, Technical schools and all centers of higher education offering degrees. Our Programming Center specializes in supplying complete and innovative solutions, which cover all aspects of the academic activities. "Beit Hashitta Software" was founded in 1984. Since 1988 we have been offering programming solutions to academic institutions. Since then our company has become a leader in software solutions for the academic community.

Beit Hashitta Software markets the Gilboa package.
'Gilboa' offers the widest range of programming solutions for academic institutions available today.

In Israel, the rapid growth of Community Colleges and Universities has increased the demand for comprehensive and increasingly advanced computerized management systems. In today’s market place where so many local and international companies compete; Beit Hashitta Software has continually provided solutions for increasingly complex processes. Providing innovative answers to these competitive challenges, has allowed our staff to amass years of experience in our field of expertise.

GILBOA: Management package for Universities and Colleges

Main Features:
GILBOA is a comprehensive data processing solution for the academic community. It offers 40 interconnected modules serving the managerial needs of Universities and Colleges. The GILBOA orientation is both managerial and academic. It's data base is SQL (Oracle, Microsoft, Pervasive).

The annual “life – cycle” of an academic institution operates by many departments working together. Each department interacts with its fellows, organizationally and economically during the academic process. The GILBOA Program offers each department a module designed especially for its particular needs.

GILBOA sees each faculty and department as part of the whole (a true E.R.P). The data base is singular and each data entry is found just once in the data base. Each data entry has a person responsible for its placement in the data base and everyone else can see and manipulate that entry in accordance with their individual authorization level. Authorizations are based on three cross-sections: Institutional, Academic, or Personal at the level of the program, the function or the field.

In GILBOA, the parameters are defined so that each user can decide his own way of handling the data.

Self – Service: Gilboa is built so that the student is able to serve himself through the internet. It is our belief and experience that in every aspect that the self – service principal was applied, student satisfaction rose remarkably.

GILBOA is programmed to cancel the need for mediators between the student, or the instructor, and the institute. The program interface between users (student/instructor) and GILBOA offers a maximum of choices ,within the rules and procedures of the academic institution.

The GILBOA promotes a maximum degree of user autonomy. It frees the departments and secretariats from dealing with the repetitive everyday needs of the students -- allowing them to concentrate on planning and allows more time for special cases needs.